Who am I…

Ribban Bookmarks tale so far…..

That is a question I am 60 years on, still searching for an answer.

Originally from Manchester, I left the damp north of England behind me and exiled myself to the frozen north of Scandinavia instead where I have remained these last 25 years.

I began writing 3 years ago. After a long hiatus and many TV hours sat in the sofa, I succumbed to the demands of family and friends and picked up the quill once again.

A Minger`s Tale-Beginnings eventually saw the light of day in March 2016.

The books quirky humour portrays the flipside of life in northern England during the 1970`s through to the mid 1980`s.

In 2015 I entered a short story to the prestigious Shelagh Delaney Writing Competition. Although it did not win it was deemed adequate enough to be published in a forthcoming anthology the second tier of the competition and will be later this year.

Some of my work can be viewed on www.scriggler.com

The follow up to A Minger`s Tale is already underway and is scheduled for completion Christmas 2017.




5 thoughts on “Who am I…”

    1. Thx Teagan

        Im glad you liked it.
        If I ever get round to writing the remaining two books in this series, I’ll tell the full story of that day which is even funnier.

        Strangely enough I still havent been invited back either 🙄

        Liked by 1 person

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