There was a man from Spain


I met a man on a train

We talked awhile, he said he came from Spain

Explained he was forced to land in England as the fog had grounded his aeroplane.


He was a funny looking chap wearing a black sombrero

Twenty four hour stubble, and holding a trumpet…

He looked like a ranchero

Asked me if I had change of a cup of tea…..what is English for dinero?


“I am sorry mate, I can`t speak Spanish” I said regretfully

But if you jump off at the next station there is a Bureau De Change, coincidentally”.

Suddenly he stood up and shook me by the hand forcefully


Then picked up his trumpet and bag and then he jumped off the train

He must have been in an awful hurry as the train had not stopped…..I could have sworn I saw him fly past my window pane.

There was a man from Spain………maybe you have seen him?