Donald Trump Killed My Gerbil



trumpconspired hamster

His little wheel spun round and round
But his cage door lay open, he`d gone to ground
Sound the sirens –Breakout….the gerbil must be found!

I searched behind the sofa, alas there was neither trace nor sound
Even upstairs and under the bed, samething as I previously said
I was worried –what if he`s dead?

That night when I went to bed
I found it difficult to sleep as the pillow enveloped my sleepy head
And I buried it under the bedspread

The following morning I found him in the hall beneath the letterbox
Under a pile of morning newspapers he lay – I could just make out his little white head
But to all intents and purposes he was quite dead

On closer inspection I could see, Donald Trump election flyers above the newspaper pile that lay ontop
Donald Trumps flyers had given my the gerbil the chop
No more hamster wheel for you Aesop
A Republican Elephant had sat on his head
And my gerbil Aesop quite dead
True Democrat that he was –such a pity it was the last thing he ever read