The chap who said “Crap” on the BBC



I was invited to appear on Radio North BBC
It was my big chance at last but in the end you see

Well I was literally all at sea

For my nerves had got the better of me

And I twice inadvertently said “Crap” on the BBC

The airwaves went silent and the presenter stared in shock you see
At me having just said “Crap” live on the BBC

Now I never meant to pull Aunty Beebs drawers down below her knees
With malice afore thought…so please believe me
I never intended to say “Crap” on the BBC

But alas my infamy is now assured, even though only I said it twice and not three
For when the “Crap” hit the fan on the BBC.

It resulted in my 5 minutes of fame being cut down to 4. 3 😦



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