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There are a number of web based book stores that we as selfpublished authors can turn to. One particular group known as aggregators, one of which is Smashwords which I guess most of us have heard of or possibly even utilize.

But I was wondering, has anybody heard of another called Draft2Digital?

To be honest I for one had never heard of it until a few days ago, but from the reviews I have read it seems to be pretty straight forward which  is more than I can say for Smashwords whose formatting requirements would baffle Einstein himself.

So I have taken a chance & submitted my book to them, which after just 3 days is now available at the stores you see bottom of this page.

Now whether or not I´ll sell any books is another matter, but the service is free and their support is very helpful.

I´d be very interested in hearing from any writers who use or have used this service, and curious as to what you thought of it.

In the meanwhile I´ll keep you posted as to how I get on.


A Minger`s Tale – Beginnings
by RBN Bookmark

is available at any of these digital stores:




Smorgasbord Book Marketing and Promotion – What comes after The End!

a very good post Sally, marketeing is a nightmare for the uninitiated like myself. Mass marketing is something I am reluctant to engage in as it is tantamount to selling door to door.

Smorgasbord Blog Magazine

In the last post I asked how we might enourage our readers to leave a review for the book. https://smorgasbordinvitation.wordpress.com/2017/04/18/how-can-we-encourage-more-readers-to-leave-reviews-for-our-books/

Of course if they do feel they can leave a review on our Amazon or Goodread book pages that is fantastic.  But asking for a review is not the only page at the back of our Ebooks that can be used for promotional purposes.

Having finished a book, what is usually the first thing on a reader’s mind?

What am I going to read next?

If you are an author who has written more than one book, there is an opportunity to guide the reader to your other work. Not just with a live link to your Amazon account but with full page promotions for each of your books.

At the back of my books is an individual page for each book with a full description and links to buy…

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