Draft2 Digital


There are a number of web based book stores that we as selfpublished authors can turn to. One particular group known as aggregators, one of which is Smashwords which I guess most of us have heard of or possibly even utilize.

But I was wondering, has anybody heard of another called Draft2Digital?

To be honest I for one had never heard of it until a few days ago, but from the reviews I have read it seems to be pretty straight forward which  is more than I can say for Smashwords whose formatting requirements would baffle Einstein himself.

So I have taken a chance & submitted my book to them, which after just 3 days is now available at the stores you see bottom of this page.

Now whether or not I´ll sell any books is another matter, but the service is free and their support is very helpful.

I´d be very interested in hearing from any writers who use or have used this service, and curious as to what you thought of it.

In the meanwhile I´ll keep you posted as to how I get on.


A Minger`s Tale – Beginnings
by RBN Bookmark

is available at any of these digital stores:




2 thoughts on “Draft2 Digital”

    1. Like you, I too chose to go with Amazon KDP though for me it hasn`t lived up to its promises which is why I opted out awhile back.

      Thank you for your best wishes, I hope things go better for you on KDP than they did for me. I´ll write another post in a month to update everyone on the outcome.

      To coin an old saying: “The proof of the pudding is in the eating”….we`ll see in a months time whether or not I´m back at the table for seconds 🙂

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