We Are A Queer Lot

Thank you so much Rayna for allowing me to post on your blog.

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”There is nowt as queer as folk”

It is an old addage, originating from the north of England, that pretty much sums up people.

We are a strange lot and no mistake, we evolved from apes millions of years ago… and yet we are still monkeying around to this very day!

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A Letter To Bob


bob d


Dear Bob

I hope this letter finds you in good cheer  and you are keeping well

Oh btw I heard your speech in Stockholm, Sweden ……you know – Nobel?

Fraid its a bummer mate dunno if you heard the news, but it did`nt go down so swell

In fact it went down like a silent fart
Folk in Sweden think you`ve flipped your chart

Never mind mate, take heart buddy and play aloof
Coz you`re a ”Mega Star” man – yeah you`re bullet proof.

So all my love to the missus & the kids & I´ll see you again soon
And even if your speech was crap…….you can still play a good tune!


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