A Pre election Trump





He gives everyone the hump
Comes across as a right chump
Threatens his political oppnents with a thump

“This mans a lunatic not fit for office” his critics cry
There will be fireworks  should he come to office…..bigger than 4th of July
Doesn`t know what day of the week it is…….common sense just passes him by

Pompous and overweight……..who ate all the pie?
An arrogant bully – who is his next fall guy?
Always right yet never in the wrong…..Mr Drip Dry

But how did he get this far on lies and suppositions one might ask
For his PR team it must have been a demanding task
As the mans rhetoric is so radioactive, I for one would not dare to bask

Come the election Mr Trump might well plant his seat
In the oval office turning politicians world wide as white as a sheet
But should he lose the reason is quite clear……you see everyone else is a cheat!!