Trending……(What`s the story) Morning Glory?

Three weeks ago I received a letter from a literary scout to whom I had submitted my book for consideration.

“We love the book, it is so Manchester …… know anything that has an Oasis  connection is trending these days”.

OK I thought to myself, well my book isn`t about Oasis….in fact there is more to the city of Manchester than    oasis        !!

The letter continued………

“I loved the chapter about the Manchester riots which I found gripping, but can you make it a bit more…….Oasisy? I mean you could introduce a Liam Gallagher character to make it more….you know   that   gallagher     is “Trending” these days !”

I didn`t have the heart to write back & inform her that many people in Manchester regard him as a  gobshite !!

With a sigh of disappointment, I folded up the letter, & after placing it back into its envelope I hid it in the sideboard drawer labelled. waste

Is “Trending” just a trendy word for    pidgehiole    ??????

Do you write for  heart for     dollars….or maybe even both???

So tell me fellow writers…what do you think?


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The Waterloo Festival 2018….Update


sad smileyDue to illness I´m afraid I´ll be unable to attend the festival on 14th June, I was very much looking forward to meeting the other Bridge House Publishing authors and of course listening to the other 15 award winning stories as well as reading an extract from my monolog “To Bee”.

Still, if you live in London or, just happen to be there during the festival, then why not pop along as I´m sure there will be something there for everybody.

To find out more, just follow this link 🙂

waterloo festival

Yesterday I received the fantastic news that my submission  to the 2018

Waterloo Festivals Writing Competition has been included among this years 16 winners.

A launch party is to be held on the 14th June, to which the winners are all invited and will also be given the opportunity to read a short extract from their work in front of an audience.

I am truly humbled to be given this chance, but it does leave me in a bit of a quandary.

You see nerves always get the better of me on the big occasions….I´m a notorious “Bottler”, and right now I am seriously considering whether or not I should book my flight to London on the 14th June for fear of falling flat on my face again.

What do you think I should do?

P.S. Any help or advice would be most welcome.