Trending……(What`s the story) Morning Glory?

Three weeks ago I received a letter from a literary scout to whom I had submitted my book for consideration.

“We love the book, it is so Manchester …… know anything that has an Oasis  connection is trending these days”.

OK I thought to myself, well my book isn`t about Oasis….in fact there is more to the city of Manchester than    oasis        !!

The letter continued………

“I loved the chapter about the Manchester riots which I found gripping, but can you make it a bit more…….Oasisy? I mean you could introduce a Liam Gallagher character to make it more….you know   that   gallagher     is “Trending” these days !”

I didn`t have the heart to write back & inform her that many people in Manchester regard him as a  gobshite !!

With a sigh of disappointment, I folded up the letter, & after placing it back into its envelope I hid it in the sideboard drawer labelled. waste

Is “Trending” just a trendy word for    pidgehiole    ??????

Do you write for  heart for     dollars….or maybe even both???

So tell me fellow writers…what do you think?


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A Minger's Tale by R B N Bookmark













3 thoughts on “Trending……(What`s the story) Morning Glory?”

  1. Just add a sentence somewhere that Liam Gallagher was rumoured to have walked down this street and you’ll have them wetting their pants to get their hands on it. Some people are too silly for words. Please tell me as my brain isn’t functioning, what’s the reference to the doves mean? Be gentle, I’m old.

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    1. Hi David, & thank you,the picture was a reference to pidgeon hole…..well spotted btw, I have just this minute changed it. The point I want to make is that not all writing is made to order, but I do have a lot of respect for those who can, but I myself refer to push boundaries rather than fence them off.
      Btw…..being old is #Trending 🙂

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