M16……..A Moss Side Story


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The headlines over the weekend have been filled with reports of the shooting in Manchester and the resulting 10 casualties.

I grew up in Moss Side aka The Moss, my parents moved to the newly built estate there in the mid 70`s.

The council house we rented was right across the road from Alexandra Park. Our neighbourhood was a melting pot of folk from England, Jamaica, West Indies, Ireland (that was us), Pakistan and India…..there was even a Chippy on nearby Princess Rd……and it was (wait for it) ….English!

Despite the cultural differences we all got on.

I remember being sat in the Big Western pub together with my father and an elderly Jamaican gentleman began telling me of his experiences working as a conductor on the buses, and the racism he encountered during the 50`s and 60`s.

He looked at my father, leant over and shook his hand saying.

“Folk like your father had to put up with as much racism as we did,  that`s why the Irish and ourselves always got on so well.”

So it saddened me to read much of the racist twaddle I read over the weekend on social media, grief junkies and people who have never lived or sat foot in the area.

The Moss Side Carnival is a joyous, colourful occasion,  and if you have never experienced a carnival then I can highly recommend you do……….pls don´t be deterred by scaremongers.

The area does have it`s faults…..tell me somewhere that doesn`t?

Moss Side has a long been a deprived area, struggling with a history of high unemployment, gun violence and drugs.

In the late 80`s it was one of only two places in the UK (the other being N.Ireland) where the police would be permitted to enforce the law by means of armed intervention.

There has always been a stigma about The Moss, one never mentioned the area or even its postcode (M16) when attending a job interview, because you would never get a job.

Much of my book takes place in the area. It was a scary place during the 80`s and early 90`s, Sus, shootings, riots……I`m no gun expert but I still to this day remember the sound of a Mac 10 semi automatic!!

But most of all what I remember are the friendships, the unbreakable, resilient community spirit which is synonymous with the area.

Living there taught me a lot about people, and I feel very proud to have been a part of Moss Side´s rich history through both the good times and the bad.


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