There was a man from Spain


I met a man on a train

We talked awhile, he said he came from Spain

Explained he was forced to land in England as the fog had grounded his aeroplane.


He was a funny looking chap wearing a black sombrero

Twenty four hour stubble, and holding a trumpet…

He looked like a ranchero

Asked me if I had change of a cup of tea…..what is English for dinero?


“I am sorry mate, I can`t speak Spanish” I said regretfully

But if you jump off at the next station there is a Bureau De Change, coincidentally”.

Suddenly he stood up and shook me by the hand forcefully


Then picked up his trumpet and bag and then he jumped off the train

He must have been in an awful hurry as the train had not stopped…..I could have sworn I saw him fly past my window pane.

There was a man from Spain………maybe you have seen him?








Who am I…

Ribban Bookmarks tale so far…..

That is a question I am 60 years on, still searching for an answer.

Originally from Manchester, I left the damp north of England behind me and exiled myself to the frozen north of Scandinavia instead where I have remained these last 25 years.

I began writing 3 years ago. After a long hiatus and many TV hours sat in the sofa, I succumbed to the demands of family and friends and picked up the quill once again.

A Minger`s Tale-Beginnings eventually saw the light of day in March 2016.

The books quirky humour portrays the flipside of life in northern England during the 1970`s through to the mid 1980`s.

In 2015 I entered a short story to the prestigious Shelagh Delaney Writing Competition. Although it did not win it was deemed adequate enough to be published in a forthcoming anthology the second tier of the competition and will be later this year.

Some of my work can be viewed on

The follow up to A Minger`s Tale is already underway and is scheduled for completion Christmas 2017.